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Quotes from the members

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Talena Quotes:

"Metal is me. It's who I am and what I'll always be."

"The funniest thing I'll remember [from OZZFest] is when I was onstage and jumped, and the cable wrapped around my leg and I fell on my ass. I was laughing so hard I finished the whole song on my ass."

"Easily dominated goth boys? You can't go wrong!"

"I don't wanna die, not yet!"

Mercedes Quotes:

"Therefore, I am not 'Pat'"

"Yeah, I kick ass!"

"Can I moon the camera?"


Morgan Quotes:

Giving me flowers is like putting me down. It's like saying "Oh, you like flowers..." Flowers are just so wimpy! If someone is going to give me something, they should, like, give me... a bouqet of dead babies!"

"She's a vegan, which is fine, but she's very dilligent and it gets frustrating. You end up shouting, 'Just have some cheese!'"
-On Fallon

"If a guy or girl wants to drool over us, thats fine. Just so long as they enjoy the music."

Fallon Quotes:

"She joined the band in September [1999], but I'd seen her around before that. I never talked to her because she has this dark, evil aura that says, 'Come near me and I'll kill you.'"
-On Talena

"Fallon equals peanut butter, I eat it with everything."

"My name is Ethel, and I have a weight problem!"